SCCA Car Numbers – RallyX AutoX Autocross Sticker Decal Magnet


Magnet backing is WHITE. Please DO NOT choose white and magnet.

Choose a black if you want it to look like the product photos.



These will measure 10″ tall overall and the width will vary based on the numbers and classes used.

Price is for ONE of your choice. Need to purchase multiple for all sides of your car that need them.

Stickers will have the numbers cutout to allow the color of the car to show through. The color you pick will be the full color of the sticker.
Magnets will be a white background with the color of your choice letters.



Numbers shall be at least 8 inches high, with a 1.5 inch stroke on a contrasting background (rear winged Formula cars shall have as large a number as possible on their rear wing side plates). Metallic (reflective) numbers and class letters are prohibited. The distance between 2 num­bers shall be at least as wide as the stroke of the numbers. Class letters shall be at least 4 inches high, with a 1/2 inch stroke on a contrasting background.


Additional information


010 Gloss White, 022 Yellow, 031 Bright Red, 034 Orange, 041 Dark Pink, 045 Bubblegum, 053 Light Blue, 055 Mint, 057 Traffic/Rally Blue, 063 Lime Green, 065 Dark Blue, 066 Teal, 068 Green, 070 Gloss Black, 076 Telegray, 090 Metallic Silver, 091 Metallic Gold, 312 Dark Red, M070 Matte Black, M080 Matte Chocolate


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