Shipping & Returns

What is the expected shipping time?

All items are made to order. When you place the order, we’ll cut it out in the color of your choosing and get it all packaged up. Orders are made and packed/shipped in the order they arrive. This means there may be a good amount of orders ahead of yours. As much as I’d love to ship as fast as Amazon, it’s just not possible. With all that said, expect your order to go out within 3-5 days after your order is placed.

Why is shipping so expensive?!

Amazon has ruined all of us to expect FREE, one-day shipping. While this is fantastic as a buyer, it’s not so easy for a small operation to do the same. USPS Priority Mail (yes, I hate them too) is between $6-$8 for a flat envelope. I can’t eat that cost or I would be basically be giving away the shop for free. We can’t have that! I have provided an option for me to just “stick it in an envelope and let ‘er rip”, but if you’ve ever used USPS before, you’ll know this isn’t a solid idea because they are terrible. At least with priority, you can watch them take their time delivering it since tracking is provided.

UPS and FedEx are both more expensive for the typical size of stickers that I sell, so they’re out of the question for now.

Free Shipping?

Absolutely. Spend over $35 and your entire order ships for FREE! Use code: ShipsFree (should work automatically)

Can I pick up my order?

Absolutely. If you’re around Dayton, OH you can certainly swing by and pick it up. Just email me and we’ll get that bit sorted out.

Need to return your order?

Since every order is made to order, we do not accept returns. If your package arrives damaged or wrong on our end of things, we will replace with the same product that you purchased. No refunds or returns.