American Flag Back Window Decal – ‘Murica




Show some pride in your country, boy!

Fits perfectly in a Nissan Titan Middle Roll Down Back Glass

Easily applied and trimmed to other window as well.

Sizes: |28″ x 11.25″| |62″ x 22″|
Custom Sizes available upon request


These work great on cars, walls, laptops, iPads, or whatever really.
The sticker you receive will have be SINGLE COLOR unless otherwise requested.
Contact me for larger/smaller sizes as well as different colors.
Decals can be removed, but are one-time use. Once you stick ’em, they’re stuck!
Clean area with rubbing alcohol for best adhesion. Alcohol will help with any leftover stickies too.

Additional information


010 Gloss White, 022 Yellow, 031 Bright Red, 034 Orange, 045 Bubblegum, 053 Light Blue, 055 Mint, 057 Traffic/Rally Blue, 063 Lime Green, 065 Dark Blue, 066 Teal, 068 Green, 070 Gloss Black, 076 Telegray, 090 Metallic Silver, 091 Metallic Gold, 312 Dark Red, M070 Matte Black, M080 Matte Chocolate


28" x 11.25", 62" x 22"


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